Eyelash Extensions 101  

Offered for Licensees, Licensed by The Georgia State Board of Cosmetology (Online/Internet * Master Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Hair Designers, Teachers/Instructors * Provider Registration Number: 2012-0014); The North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners (Online/Internet & Correspondence * C, E, T); The Nevada State Board of Cosmetology (Online/Internet * Instructors); and The West Virginia State Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists (Online/Internet * C, E, T)


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Lesson Objective:
This 2-hour online course is designed to teach how to apply eyelash extensions from three perspectives - band (strip) eyelash extension; individual (eye tabbing) eyelash extension; and cluster eyelash extension. This course seeks to give a background regarding eyelash extensions within cosmetic arts; and it is written for Cosmetologists (C), Estheticians (E), and Teachers (CT, ET).

This course will offer the fundamentals of eyelash extensions, and will offer a foundation for the eyelash extension procedure. Safety and sanitation issues will also be addressed, due to the procedure involving an adhesive being used within centimeters of the base of the eyelid.

For those beauty professionals who already perform eyelash extensions, this course is an excellent "refresher" - and gives key information that may better assist with your eyelash extension service and performance.

There will be a total of three (III) Modules, in which this course will:
• Define the eyelash extension procedure;
• Present various types of eyelash extensions that are performed (band, cluster, individual);
• Provide a description of the eye, the eyelid, and lashes;
• Cover sanitation steps regarding the pre-service set up and post-service clean up; & review Subchapter H/Sanitation Guidelines from the N.C. Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners Sanitation Rules and Regulations

• Describe the pre-service set up, and all implements and materials that are needed;
• Offer client consultation tips in regard to accessing the client's needs;
• Will give detailed steps for the application of the band/strip, cluster, and individual eyelashes;
• Will discuss the fill-in process and approximately how long eyelash extensions last;
• Offer safety precautions regarding professional eyelash extensions,
• Discuss lash removal techniques, and steps on maintaining eyelash extensions,
• And in conclusion, discuss client and beauty professional benefits within the eyelash extension process.