The Ultimate Spa Pedicure & Spa Factors 


 Offered to Licensees - Licensed by THE NORTH CAROLINA BOARD OF COSMETIC ART EXAMINERS (Online/Internet & Correspondence * 4 hrs. * C,M,T, CE# 12-1520-3)  

Offered to Licensees - Licensed by The NEVADA STATE BOARD OF COSMETOLOGY (Online/Internet * 4 hrs. * Instructors)

Offered to Licensees - Licensed by  THE WEST VIRGINIA STATE BOARD OF BARBERS AND COSMETOLOGISTS(Online/Internet * 4 hrs. * C,M,T)

Cost: $37.50




This Online course is designed to teach how to perform the "ultimate" spa pedicure - which includes added spa-related services known as "factors" beyond the standard pedicure. This proposed online course is four (4) hours, and the lesson objectives are as follows:

  • To understand the overall difference between a standard pedicure and a spa pedicure; and the client benefits of a spa pedicure as well.

  • To discuss the aspects of anatomy and physiology, with topics including - cells, tissues, organs, and body systems.

  • To emphasize the importance of sanitation and disinfection, and the proper pre-service set up; and to review Subchapter H/Sanitation Guidelines of the N.C. Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners.

  • To review the step-by-step spa pedicure procedure and to incorporate "spa factors" which include - atmosphere, aromatherapy, time, paraffin, soaks/scrubs/masks, hand manipulation, and heel treatments.

  • To highlight the post service, clean up, and sanitation procedures after the ultimate spa pedicure.

  • To discuss the salon business benefits of a spa pedicure including signature service recognition, repeat clients, and increased financial rewards.

Additionally, this Online course includes five modules, which highlight the following:

Module I: The Definition of a Standard Pedicure vs. a "Spa Pedicure", Client Benefits of a Spa Pedicure

Module II: Anatomy and Physiology

Module III: Sanitation & Pre-Service Set Up

Module IV: The Spa Pedicure & Spa Factors - A Step-by-Step Procedure

Module V: Post-service, Sanitation, and Spa Pedicure Benefits for Cosmetologists and Manicurists

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